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Between the eighth grade and the first semester, the highest rates of school exclusion are observed. In fact, over the past five years, an average of 5.5% of students who graduated from eighth grade did not make it to first grade and therefore dropped out of the system.

There are still countries where girls and women do not receive an education and do not have this universal right. Although in Chile we are far from this situation, since access is guaranteed, there are gender gaps that prevent the achievement of an inclusive and quality education for all. We need to make decisive progress in promoting accountability and securing rights and opportunities to close the current gender gap.Click For More : Flip Update


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  • Collectief en individueel ontslagrecht
  • Medezeggenschap
  • Ziekte en re-integratie
  • Statutair Bestuurders
  • Employee Benefits
  • Gezondheidsrecht
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  • Transacties & Structurering
  • Handel (Commerce)
  • Mededingingsrecht
  • Intellectueel Eigendom
  • Herstructurering & Insolventies

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